Create healthy and delicious appetizers & snacks with Journey Spice Co. spices and seasonings

Appetizers & Snacks

Za’atar Zucchini Fries Recipe

This recipe is quick and easy to make and will hit the spot if you crave something savory and crunchy. It is also a healthier alternative to regular deep-fried potato fries. Try our Tzatziki Sauce Recipe if you are looking for a tasty sauce to dip these in. Recipe Here!

Plant-Based / Vegan Snack Spread

This plant-based, vegan-friendly snack spread is easy to make and so delicious, that even omnivores will love it. It features plant-based / vegan tzatziki sauce, mini manakeesh, and mini za’atar-sprinkled pizzas. These snacks are great for game day, movie night, and many other occasions Recipe Here!

Easy Falafel Recipe

Falafels are a popular “fast food” in Mediterranean cuisine and have become one of the most ordered items at Mediterranean restaurants throughout the U.S. As you probably know, falafels are delicious, especially if dipping them in hummus or tzatziki sauce and stuffed in pita sandwiches. They are usually deep-fried in vegetable oil, but we wanted to make them healthier by baking them in the oven in this recipe. If you own an air fryer, that would probably work great too! Recipe Here!

Savory & Easy Pumpkin Hummus

This mouthwatering savory & easy pumpkin hummus only takes about 10 minutes to make. Although Halloween got us in the mood to make pumpkin-themed recipes, this pumpkin hummus is delicious to eat whenever you want. Recipe Here!

Citrusy Sweet Potato Fries

These Citrusy Sweet Potato Fries are both delicious and nutritious. Fun Fact: Orange and red-colored vegetables and fruits are typically rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and Vitamin K. In this recipe, we bake the fries in an oven, but this recipe works great in an air fryer as well. We also prefer to leave the skin on the sweet potatoes because doing so adds to the taste and texture. Recipe Here!

Tuscan Crispy Tofu

This Tuscan Crispy Tofu recipe makes a delicious snack! Pair it with a salad or other tasty side, and you have a meal. We prefer dipping these delicious crispy tofu cubes in marinara sauce, but they would probably taste spectacular dipped in a non-dairy blue cheese dressing. The directions in this recipe call for baking it in the oven, but you can also use an air fryer if you prefer. Even though this recipe is vegan-friendly, your not-so-vegan friends would probably enjoy it too! Recipe Here!

Sicilian Bread Dipping Oil

This Sicilian Bread Dipping Oil recipe only takes a few minutes to whip up. Beyond using this bread dipping oil for the obvious, bread dipping, it can also be used as a salad dressing, in pasta, among many other culinary delights. Recipe Here!

Crispy Spinach Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms

These delectable Crispy Spinach Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms make the perfect snack or appetizer before serving a delicious meal like lasagna and many other main courses. The seasoning used is our Organic Savory Garlic Herb, which is currently available in a gift pack of four Italian seasonings here. This unique seasoning blend adds a savory, garlicky, slightly lemony, and cheesy taste to the recipe. Recipe Here!

Italian Herb Cracker Recipe

This Italian Herb Cracker Recipe can make a delicious and simple snack and is the perfect addition to any charcuterie board. This recipe calls for our Organic Sicilian Seasoning as a savory addition and plenty of extra virgin olive oil. Although this recipe is somewhat time-consuming, it is still a relatively easy recipe to make. Recipe Here!