Sustainability matters!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

In addition to making our packaging as sustainable as possible and the sustainability-related benefits of our products being organic, we are committed to sustainability in other ways. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality. As part of our strategy to reach this goal, we have partnered with to help offset our carbon footprint. We have also partnered with rePurpose Global to eliminate one pound of plastic waste from the environment with every purchase of a Journey Spice Co. product.

We consider our whole supply chain to reduce our environmental impact. We know that even the little things matter, like only using paper bags instead of plastic bags for anything that needs to be discarded during production and always recycling anything that can possibly be recycled. We reuse items like containers or tools when possible and reduce when it comes to things that are unnecessary. We use soap and other cleaning products that are less toxic to the environment for cleaning equipment and production areas. We also use cleaning sponges made from plant-based material that have high biodegradable value. Do you have other suggestions? Please let us know!