Delicious breakfast & brunch recipes

Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Avocado Toast with Za’atar Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t like avocado toast? We didn’t think so! You probably know that beyond being delicious, avocados are incredibly nutritious. The roasted za’atar cherry tomatoes add an exciting spin, and this is an excellent way to start your morning or even enjoy this recipe as a snack. Recipe Here!

Pizza Bagels

If you are a pizza lover like us, you are sure to love eating pizza bagels for breakfast! This is kind of like an adult take on the mini pizzas your parents gave you as a kid when you refused to eat anything else. This pizza bagel recipe is quick and easy to make any day of the week. Recipe Here!

Mediterranean Baby Potatoes

We filed this Mediterranean Baby Potato recipe in the breakfast category because this is when we usually eat seasoned baby potatoes, especially since potatoes are high in complex carbs to help fuel you in the morning. However, baby potatoes are tasty during lunch and dinner as well! This baby potato recipe is delicious to pair with avocado toast. Recipe Here!